Episode 24: HARVEST

Neal and Beth take us on a walk through the woods, teaching us about medicinal plants in Appalachia, and how their recent experience with Mountain Valley Pipeline has changed their approach to fighting back.

Episode 23: Elliston

With the new tree sits in Elliston, VA, the Mountain Valley Pipeline blockades have now seen every season, shape and shade of Appalachia. Original air date: 10/5/18

Episode 22: STOP

Environmental lawyers explain all of the recent developments around stop work orders for the Mountain Valley Pipeline ahead of the next State Water Control Board meeting. Original air date: 08/17/18

Episode 21: Memory

In the final episode of “Season 2”, pipeline fighters talk teacher strikes, remembering histories of resistance, and what winning really looks like. Original air date: 08/03/18

Episode 20: STAY

In this episode, we speak to three high school students from three different counties in West Virginia who are impacted by the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines about how extractive economies have shaped their lives. Original air date: 7/20/18

Episode 19: MUD

Pipeline fighters are keeping their promise to watch Mountain Valley Pipeline’s every move, catching almost daily construction failures that are damaging their creeks and streams, and doing the job that Virginia DEQ is either unable – or unwilling – to do. Original air date: 7/6/18

Episode 18: HELLBENDER

“Nutty” finally came down from her monopod, but not before another tree-sitter went up to continue the tree-top blockade on the forest service road. In this episode, hear conversations around colonization and the perceived problems of private property within the struggle for collective liberation and collective resistance. Original air date: 6/1/18

Episode 17: STILL HERE

“Nutty” has been living at the top of a 50 foot pole on the forest service road in Giles County for over 6 weeks. The forest service continues to impose order by drawing lines and then re-drawing them, and arresting anyone who crosses the line. Original air date: 5/4/18

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Episode 16: REFLECTION

As more eyes turn to pipeline resistance in Virginia, how does that resistance take root, and in what ways can community subvert the structures of power? Original air date: 4/20/18

  • Episode 11: VOICE

    Inside the State Water Control Board meetings for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines, where many opponents thought a vote in favor of water certification was a foregone conclusion for both projects, a chorus of voice makes space for courage and power. Original air date: 12/15/17

  • Episode 10: WATERSHED

    In this episode, we visit Bottom Creek, one of the few Tier 3 streams in Virginia which would be crossed by the MVP, while pipeline opponents examine whether the DEQ’s process has really been “scientific and transparent” for the public. Original Air Date: 12/01/17

  • Episode 8: ELECTION

    In episode 8, we take a look at the impact that the pipelines have had on state elections in 2017, and how the political conversation has changed over the last three years. Original Air Date: 11/3/17

  • Episode 7: NECESSITY

    FERC grants “Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity” for both the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. What does this mean for pipeline fighters, and more importantly, are these pipeline projects really needed? In this episode, we get a lesson in the history of energy demand in the United States, plus a look at what… Read more »

  • Episode 6: WATER pt. 3

    In this episode, we hear excerpts from two different presentations of comments to the Virgnia State Water Control Board and DEQ on issues of water impacts from the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. Original Air Date: 9/29/17

  • Episode 5: WATER pt. 2

    Episode 5 sheds light on the unheard voices of residents, buried by bureaucracy in the process of permitting water crossings by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline. Original Air Date: 9/15/17

  • Episode 4: WATER

    In Episode 4, we hear from familiar voices and some new ones, on an issue that has been at the forefront of most minds in the last year: water. Original Air Date: 9/1/17