PILOT: Done Deal?

We begin in the early 2000s in central and southwestern Virginia, where the current conflicts began. We uncover the links between the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. Organizer Mara Robbins describes Floyd County’s fight to re-route the MVP away from their region.

Why are residents fighting these projects – and can they win?

Are these pipelines really a “done deal?”

Original air date: 7/21/17

Featuring Mara Robbins, Sharon Ponton, Ernie Reed, Connie Brennan, Carolyn Reilly, and Mike Carter.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

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Episode 2: Home

What happens when land surveyors trespass against your will?

Residents of Bent Mountain, VA, tell us how they’re resisting Mountain Valley Pipeline surveyor trespassing.

Meanwhile in Nelson County, neighbors unite against controversial ACP routes.

Original air date: 8/4/17

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 3: Heart

What is the human cost of the heart of a pipeline?

In Union Hill neighborhood of Buckingham county, a plot of land is proposed as the site of a compressor station for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

In the midst of turmoil surrounding historic erasure in the south, this episode tells the unique and troubling story of land, ownership and theft in the neighborhood of Union Hill, Buckingham County, Virginia.

Original air date: 8/18/17

Featuring John and Ruby Laury, Chad Oba, Pastor Paul Wilson, and Lakshmi Fjord.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 4: Water

In Episode 4, we hear from familiar voices and some new ones, on an issue that has been at the forefront of most minds in the last year: water.

Original air date: 9/1/17

Featuring David Sligh, Mike Carter, Bill Limpert, Mert Rives, Mara Robbins, Sharon Ponton, Connie Brennan, Ernie Reed, Richard Averitt, and Carolyn Reilly.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 5: Water pt. 2

Episode 5 sheds light on the unheard voices of residents, buried by bureaucracy in the process of permitting water crossings by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Original air date: 9/15/17

Featuring David Sligh, Bill and Lynn Limpert, Tom Burkett, Mike Carter, and various frontline residents.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 6: Water pt. 3

In this episode, we take a break from our usual format to hear excerpts from two different sets of public comments delivered to members of the State Water Control Board and DEQ.

Original air date: 9/29/17

Featuring Russell Chisholm, Lynda Majors, Donna Jones, Robert Whitescarver, Becci Harmon, Bill Limpert, and Leah Rampy.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 7: Necessity

A week prior to the airing of this episode, FERC grants “Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity” for both the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. What does this mean for pipeline fighters, and more importantly, are these pipeline projects really needed in order to meet energy demand for the Mid-Atlantic? In this episode, we get a lesson in the history of energy demand in the United States, plus a look at what is really driving energy holding companies to get into the pipeline building business./p>

Original Air Date: 10/20/17

Featuring Tom Hadwin, Mert Rives, Heidi Cochran, Irene Leech, Sharon Ponton, Richard Averitt, and Joanna Salidis.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 8: Election

In episode 8, we take a look at the impact that the pipelines have had on state elections in 2017, and how the political conversation has changed over the last three years.

Original air date: 11/3/17

Featuring Marilyn Shifflett, Jennifer Lewis, Sharon Ponton, Richard Averitt, Angela Lynn, Steve McBride, and Rebecca Colaw.

Special thanks to Tom Burkett.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 9: Tribunal

In Episode 9, we look at injustices both past and present in excerpts from testimonials given at the People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Environmental Justice, including the health and safety impacts of living near a compressor station.

Original air aate: 11/17/17

Featuring Lakshmi Fjord, Andrew Tyler, Barb Gottlieb, and Ray Kemble.

Special thanks to Laney Sullivan.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 10: Watershed

In anticipation of the State Water Control Board votes on water certification for MVP and ACP, we visit Bottom Creek, one of the few Tier 3 streams in Virginia which would be crossed by the MVP. Additionally, we look at whether the DEQ’s process has really been “scientific and transparent” for the public.

Original air date: 12/1/17

Featuring David Sligh, Mike Carter, Mert Rives, Irene Leech, Mara Robbins, and Grace Terry.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.

Episode 11: Voice

Inside the State Water Control Board meetings for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines, where many opponents thought a vote in favor of water certification was a foregone conclusion for both projects, a chorus of voices makes space for courage and power.

Original air date: 12/15/17

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.