PILOT: Done Deal? 

We begin in the early 2000s in central and southwestern Virginia, where the current conflicts began. We uncover the links between the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. Organizer Mara Robbins describes Floyd County’s fight to re-route the MVP away from their region.

Why are residents fighting these projects – and can they win?

Are these pipelines really a “done deal?”

Featuring Mara Robbins, Sharon Ponton, Ernie Reed, Connie Brennan, Carolyn Reilly, and Mike Carter.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino. 




What happens when land surveyors trespass against your will?

Residents of Bent Mountain, VA, tell us how they’re resisting Mountain Valley Pipeline surveyor trespassing.

Meanwhile in Nelson County, neighbors unite against controversial ACP routes.

Music by Restroy and Lobo Marino.